Register as a Vendor on ESHOP with 50% discount off subscription fee

For business owners into e-commerce aiming at maximizing profits, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are never sufficient enough as compared to having a website where payments can be channeled through your website as well as also increasing engagement with your business. 

The importance of having a website cannot be over emphasized as it encompasses everything required of a business from obscurity to limelight, if the organization aims at reaching prospective heights in terms of revenue, branding and popularity of the company.

This Season, CHI-Exclusive ESHOP will be giving exclusive discounts to New Businesses wanting to sell on our exclusive platform.

Guide on how to sign up as a Vendor using the Coupon Code

  1. Click the register button from the Menu,
  2. Sign up as a Vendor filling all necessary requirement.
  3. Choose your subscription pack (Golden or Premium pack) and proceed to checkout.
  4. On checkout page, apply the coupon code “MattyPack5
  5. Click my account to visit Vendor dashboard after payment has been made.

Benefits of Signing up as a Vendor on ESHOP

1. Increase in sales of your business.
2. Having efficient customer service.
3. E-Commerce payment: whenever you are online or offline, a full product purchasing process can be done on our website.
4. Google Presence: when your business is searched on google, EShop provides your online store as first hand result.
5. You get free advertisement on our social media platforms (TwitterFacebook Instagram).

For further enquiry or assistance do use the Live Chat icon or send us a message via Whatsapp to 08068769395.

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